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        “    I have never              “     I want a legacy                                                      “    Sad though it is,
        tried very hard to
        grow up                        that encourages                                                            the time is right for
                  ”                    all women in all                                                           Tornado to retire     ”
                                       services to go for it,
                                                ”                                                                 Gp Capt Cab
                                                                                                                  Townsend, RAF
                                                                                                                  Marham Station
                                         Air Marshal Sue                                                          on the veteran
                                         Gray, the most                                                           bomber’s
                                         senior female                                                            final flypast
        Comedian David                   officer in the
        Baddiel on his new               British Armed                                                            p7
        show for kids                    Forces p11
        RnR p4-5

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        RAF News
        Room 68
        Lancaster Building
        HQ Air Command
        High Wycombe
        HP14 4UE                       GREAT SCOT: Dave MacKay at the
                                       helm of theVirgin Unity space craft
        Editor: Simon Williams         during his first flight to the edge
                                       of space, 50 miles above the earth’s
        Email:    surface. Above taking off attached to the
        Tel: 01494 497412              ‘mothership’ PHOTOS: VIRGIN
        Sports Editor: Daniel Abrahams
        Tel: 01494 497563            l Continued from front                   years in the Service flying Harriers. He also  to the edge of space 50 miles above the earth in
                                       Speaking after his first flight he said: “I am  worked as a test pilot at Boscombe Down and  December last year. The company hopes to be
        Features Editor: Tracey Allen  incredibly proud of my crew and the amazing  was awarded the Air Force Cross in 1992.    able to offer the world’s first tourist flights outside
        Email:  teams at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship   He joined Virgin Atlantic in 1995 and then  the earth’s atmosphere, allowing passengers to
        Tel: 01494 497622            Company for providing a vehicle and an  moved to the Virgin Galactic project, where he is  experience zero gravity conditions.
                                     operation which means we can fly confidently  now chief test pilot.                 The craft is carried to 47,000 ft by a
        News Editor: Simon Mander    and safely. For the three of us today this was the   Powered by a hybrid rocket motor, the Unity  mothership and then powered to the edge of
                                     fulfilment of lifelong ambitions.”       reached a height of 295,007ft at Mach 3.04.    space by a powerful rocket. When it reaches its
        All advertising:               Dave joined the RAF in 1979 and spent 16   The Virgin space craft made its debut flight  maximum height it starts to descend.
        Edwin Rodrigues
        Tel: 07482 571535
        Email: edwin.rodrigues@rafnews.  This Week In History
        Subscriptions and              1941                                                                                      1942
        Johnstone Publishing Ltd       Halifax Le Havre                                                                          Lancaster debut
        26 Whitehall Road              The first bombing operation by                                                            The Lancaster carried out its first
        Leeds                          the Halifax was mounted when                                                              bombing operation when Essen
        LS12 1BE
        Tel: 0207 855 7574             No. 35 Squadron took part in a                                                            was targeted by No. 44 Squadron.
        Email:    raid against Le Havre.

                                       Merlin arrives
                                       No. 28 Squadron were the first
                                       recipients of the much vaunted                             1942
                                       Merlin HC3 helicopter after                                Spitfire Malta
                                       European Helicopter Industries
                                       made the first delivery of the                             The first Spitfires reached Malta,   Extracts from  The Royal Air Force
                                       legendary rotary craft to RAF                              when 15 flew off USS Wasp aircraft   Day By Day  by Air  Cdre  Graham
                                       Benson.                                                    carrier landing in RAF Takali.  Pitchfork (Sutton Publishing).
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