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             Queen Ethelburga’s

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                             “To be the best that I can with the gifts that I have”
          Queen Ethelburga’s has a long standing relationship with the British Forces,    We pride ourselves on our wrap-around specialist pastoral care for our

          welcoming students from military families for over 100 years. We currently   students, providing a secure and supportive home from home. We are focused
          have over 300 such students living as part of the QE family.             on creating the right learning and living environment so that every one of them
                                                                                   can thrive.
          We welcome day students from 3 months to 19 years and boarders from 6 years

          to 19 years. We are CEA accredited and in recognition of our commitment to    For further information or to arrange a visit contact our admissions team on:
          Forces families, we off er a signifi cant reduction in fees. In 2017/18 this meant
                                                                                                  Tel: 01423 33 33 30 Email:
          that our Forces families paid just 10% of fees. In 2018/19 Forces families will

          pay just £955 per term, per child.
                                                                                         Th  orpe Underwood Hall, Ouseburn, York, YO26 9SS  |

                                                                                Your WelComE account card...

                                                                                A WelComE account card is assigned to

                                                                                you for your entire military career and can

                                                                                be used to access telephone and Internet
                                                                                services whilst deployed.

                                                                                You should receive it after basic training.

                                                                                If you haven’t been given it, speak to your

                                                                                HKTPU VѝJLY  For more information visit:

                                                                                Lost your account card? No worries! Speak to your
                                                                                HKTPU VѝJLY ^OV ^PSS IL HISL [V WYV]PKL `V\ ^P[O `V\Y >LS*VT,

                                                                                account number and a password to reset your PIN.

               WelComE Customer Contact Centre
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