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Your WelComE account card...

                                                                                A WelComE account card is assigned to

                                                                                you for your entire military career and can
                                                                                be used to access telephone and Internet

                                                                                services whilst deployed.

                                                                                You should receive it after basic training.

                                                                                If you haven’t been given it, speak to your
                                                                                HKTPU VѝJLY  For more information visit:


                                                                                Lost your account card? No worries! Speak to your

                                                                                HKTPU VѝJLY ^OV ^PSS IL HISL [V WYV]PKL `V\ ^P[O `V\Y >LS*VT,

                                                                                account number and a password to reset your PIN.

               WelComE Customer Contact Centre


                  YOUR CAREER

             WITH THE OPEN

                               UNIVERSITY                                                 Preparing for the move to civilian life?

                                                                                          Whether or not you already have a career
                                                                                          option in mind, take a look into the exciting
                                                                                          DQG UHOHYDQW TXDOL¿FDWLRQV WKDW ZH RႇHU
                                                                                          You’ll enjoy the reassurance that we’re a
                                                                                          world-leading provider of distance learning
                                                                                          and that over 1,500 forces personnel are
                                                                                          FXUUHQWO\ VWXG\LQJ ZLWK XV

            Find out how we can help you develop
            your career path for civvy street
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