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         “    My time in the                     So many people
         RAF was some of the
                                            have helped me
         best in my life                    “
                           ”                get this award. I                                                         “    She’s a psychological
                                            cannot thank them                                                         mess, a very strange
                                            enough                                                                              ”
                                                                                                                   Janet Dibley on
                                                                                                                   her character
                                             Cpl Josh McNally                                                      The Governess
                                             on winning UKAF                                                       in The Turn of
                                             Sportsman of the                                                      The Screw
        Line of Duty and                     Year p11                                                              RnR p4-p5
        Bodyguard creator Jed
        Mercurio on his early
        Air Force days

                                     New OC for Atlas sqn

                                                                                                                                 and Toral in Syria, Iraq and
                                     A UNIT  that has spearheaded                                                                Afghanistan.
                                     humanitarian relief operations                                                                Incoming     OC      Wing
                                     across the world has a new boss.                                                            Commander Lee Roberts said: “I
                                       Brize-Norton based 70 (LXX)                                                               have been in the RAF for 21 years
                                     Squadron, which flies the latest                                                            and I am really happy to be joining
                                     addition to the RAF’s Air Mobility                                                          LXX Squadron.
                                     fleet – the A400M Atlas – is to be
                                     led by a new Officer Commanding.                                                                  I am very excited
                                       It comes after the historic                                                                “
        RAF News                     outfit, originally formed in 1916,                                                           to get into the
        Room 68                      completed its latest mission to                                                              cockpit and get away
        Lancaster Building           bring 20 tonnes of lifesaving
        HQ Air Command               humanitarian aid to victims of                                                               with the crews    ”
        High Wycombe                 Cyclone Idai in Mozambique.
        Buckinghamshire                Outgoing Wing Commander Ed
        HP14 4UE                     Horne paid tribute to the personnel                                                               “The     privilege  of
                                     who have conducted operations                                                                    commanding nearly 250
        Editor: Simon Williams       from providing hurricane relief in                                                               people is very rewarding,
        Email:  the Caribbean to backing Coalition                                                              and I am looking forward
        Tel: 01494 497412            efforts to combat Daesh and the                                                                 to getting to know my
                                     Taliban.                       MERCY MISSIONS: Atlas, above, has a new boss in Wg Cdr Lee Roberts, right  personnel.
        Sports Editor: Daniel Abrahams  He said: “It’s been an interesting                                                                    “I am very excited
        Email:  and exciting two years, we have  that’s been able to contribute to  container  delivery                to get into the
        Tel: 01494 497563            been from Norway to New Zealand  those type of operations and none  systems.                            cockpit and get away
                                     and everywhere in between.     of that would be possible without   It  deployed  on                     with the crews and
        Features Editor: Tracey Allen  “We have deployed an aircraft  the fantastic people I have worked  Operation  Ruman                   use the A400M for
        Email:  to  the  Middle  East  and  to  the  with.”            in the Caribbean in                        what it is designed
        Tel: 01494 497622            Falklands to take over from the   He said since entering service  2017 after hurricanes                 for, the aircraft has
                                     C130 Hercules, which was intended  in  2014  the  A400M  has  achieved  Irma  and  Maria                done some great
        News Editor: Simon Mander    for the A400M, and it has been  remarkable capability milestones  struck and is still                  things  already  and
                                     great to be a part of that.    including aeromedical evacuation,  actively involved in                 will continue to do
        All advertising:               “I’m so proud of everybody  natural surface operations and  Operations  Shader                      so in the future.”
        Edwin Rodrigues
        Tel: 07482 571535
        Email: edwin.rodrigues@rafnews.  This Week In History
        Subscriptions and                                                                                                        1984
        Johnstone Publishing Ltd                                                                                                 Bomber Harris dies
        26 Whitehall Road                                                                                                        MRAF Sir Arthur Harris, CINC
        Leeds                                                                                                                    Bomber Command, dies at the
        LS12 1BE
        Tel: 0207 855 7574                                                                                                       age of 91.

                                       1943                         1954
                                       King announces               Spitfire’s final              1975
                                       Standards awards operational sorties                       Jaguar in Germany
                                       To mark the RAF’s 25th anniversary,
                                       HM The King announced his    Operation  Firedog,  the  last  The  first  Jaguar  arrived  in  RAF
                                       intention to award a ceremonial   operational sortie by a Spitfire was   Germany  at  the  start of  the
                                       flag, to be known as ‘The Standard’   flown when Spitfire PR19s of No 81   programme to re-equip four  Extracts from  The Royal Air Force
                                       to 25 squadrons on the completion   Squadron flew a number of photo-  Phantom  squadrons  at  RAF  Day By Day  by Air  Cdre  Graham
                                       of 25 years’ unbroken service.   reconnaissance missions.  Bruggen.                       Pitchfork (Sutton Publishing).
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